Family History Books

Looking for an extra special aniversary, wedding or birthday gift, or a new family heirloom to pass down to future generations?

An exclusive family history book could be for you. Deluxe family history books are presented in a hard back bound book to give it a high quality look and feel and describe the story of your ancestors’ lives. Usually two types of records are used to research your family history:

• General Register Office (GRO) birth, marriage and death certificates

• Census Returns (1841-1911)

However other records can be investigated. For example if your ancestor was a soldier, any surviving military records can be included.

As every family and client is unique, Ancestor Trail offers customised Family History Books to suit your requirements. Costs vary depending on:

• Number of records analysed,
• Number of surnames investigated (usually I begin with one surname or line and trace it as far back as the records allow – often this is to the late 1700s / early 1800s, but you may wish to trace more than one line – for example trace both your parents’ surnames)
• Number of generations being studied (3 generations for example would be grandfather, great grandfather, and great great grandfather)

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